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Social Hour: 3 Questions to Ask Before You Launch Your Holiday Giveaway

Posted On December 21st, 2017 | 10:00am EST

It’s the season of giving which means it’s also the season of giveaways. Before your Instagram contests get off the ground make sure you’ve answered these three questions.

What is Your Goal?

This is perhaps the most important question because it addresses your why – what’s the point? Giveaways can accomplish a few things: they can increase your following, increase engagement or they can drive traffic to your website. Chances are it might accomplish all three of these things but pick a primary goal. You’re more likely to run a successful giveaway if you keep it simple and focus on one. Think of any other increase as an added benefits.

What Kind of Contest?

Once you’ve established a goal, figure out how you want to reach it. You have a few options. First, you can host a “Like to Win” contest where participants are entered into the contest by liking your photo and then following your account. Second, “Tag a Friend” contest are also great options and another way to increase your following and visibility. In this type of contest, participants are entered when they tag friends in the post. The snowball effect is in full swing here because one person tags a friend, the friend tags another person, the other person tags another friend – you get the point. One last option is a hashtag contest. Users post pictures on their accounts and are entered when they use your giveaway’s hashtag.

What is Your Prize?

The name of this game is “give the people what they want”. Don’t lose sight of the fact that what you are giving away is what is going to motivate your followers to participate in your contest. You need to think about who your audience is and find a reward that’s in line with their habits and needs.

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