#ContentHacks 9 Marketing Podcasts that You Should Listen to in 2018

Posted On December 13th, 2017 | 10:00am EST

While 2017 wraps up, we’re all starting to think about ways we can do better in 2018. Resolutions are about growth so while you make your personal resolutions why not make one for your brand too? Here are a few of our favorite podcasts that will give you some ideas on ways you can improve your content. You can listen to them during your daily commute, while you cook dinner, and even at the gym if you want to knock out two of your resolutions at once.  

Social Pros

If you ever get overwhelmed managing your social media platforms and wonder how big companies do it, check out this podcast. Social Pros offers valuable insight into how businesses like Ford, Dell, IBM, ESPN and others staff, operate and measure their social networks.

Call to Action

Call to Action talks to marketing professionals who share their success stories. It’s a great podcast to hear tips and ideas about what worked and what didn’t work for other industry leaders.

Copyblogger FM

Sonia Simone, the chief content officer of Rainmaker Digital, a content marketing blog, hosts this short form show and offers her insight into the content marketing world.

The Pitch

On each episode of The Pitch, entrepreneurs reveal the most critical moments in their careers.


This podcast picks the brains of storytellers, content creators and culture makers to let you listen in on the minds of some of the best marketers out there.  

Masters of Scale

LinkedIn founder, Reid Hoffman hosts this innovative podcast that explains where different successful companies started and how they got to where they are now.

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