#contenthacks: Market Your Material to Educators

Posted On November 30th, 2017 | 9:25pm EST

According to the Huffington Post, educators are the key to successful content marketing campaigns.

Communicating frequently with both young people and their parents, teachers have a lot of influence on those around them. Gallup polls indicate that Americans view K-12 teachers as honest with ethical standards. Marketing to teachers is effective in winning a large audience and spreading your brand.

Here’s how your content can talk to teachers.

Don’t dumb down your content – they read the fine print.  

Teachers read more than most people and are more likely to research and purchase products and services online. They’re smart consumers and show their appreciation for quality content with their wallet.

Use the right channels, the right way.

71 percent of teachers report using Facebook daily for personal use and casual conversation. They use Pinterest for ideas in the classroom. Your content should be different for different channels, making Facebook more word-oriented, while Pinterest should be visually stimulating.

Get their feedback.

Target teachers with a call to a quick survey on Facebook, Twitter, or email. Keep it short and sweet with simple questions about why they should love your brand, how can they make your job easier, and how can you improve. Then, add a discounted product or service as a thank you. Not only will you receive useful feedback on your brand, you’ll also be collecting customer testimonials for marking use and getting them to interact with your brand directly.

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