We know the power
of a great story.
Let us tell yours

Cities are hot. And no one knows them like we do.

City/Studio is the content and creative shop at Metro Corp., publisher of Boston and Philadelphia magazines and originator of the powerful “Best of Boston” and “Best of Philly” franchises. For decades we’ve been the recognized authorities on our regions, using unforgettable content—award-winning writing and photography, buzzed-about events, impactful social media—to reach the most desirable audiences in our markets. Now our writers and designers can do the same for your brand.

We tell your story to the right consumers in the market.

Relevant Content

City/Studio’s creative team specializes in connecting with audiences in Boston, Philadelphia and other dynamic metropolitan areas. We know them, understand them, and speak their language. In our hands your message has never been more engaging.

Powerful Distribution

By partnering with City/Studio your brand taps into Metro Corp.’s strong community partnerships and relationships that will get your content seen—and shared—by the exact audience you’re trying to reach. Our journey has taught us a lot about developing an audience and your brand will not only leverage that knowledge, but can also use our digital, social and event channels for distribution.

The right solution for any marketing challenge.

City/Studio offers a range of strategic and creative capabilities that fall into three core offerings:

Content Strategy
Content Development
Content Distribution